Arsenal weren’t ready – Bellerin


Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin felt his teammates were not ready as they were defeated 3-1 at Arsenal.

Saturday’s loss leaves them fifth in the Premier League, having lost four of their last six matches in all competitions.

Bellerin, who played the full 90 minutes, said: “In the first half it didn’t feel like we were ready and then we went 2-0 down.”

“We are very frustrated with how the game went. After the tough weeks we have had, the team should have gone onto the pitch, motivated and ready from the start.

“We need to realise that it is just not the way to go. We need to push harder, to start the games with a better attitude and just go for it because we showed that when we go for it and want something, we can do it.”

The 21-year-old added: “It doesn’t matter about the other team, when we have the ball and push hard, we can score goals. It is up to us to start the games with that desire, that motivation, and then we can get good results.

“We got one goal back and had a chance to make it 2-2, but sometimes it is too late. We just need to start the games better.”


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